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In the never-ending desire for optimal web performance, the bottlenecks are many. For the end-user experience to be a rich, stress-free one, performance needs to be optimal along all parts of the chain but especially at the point of truth, the browser. So there was some buzz when earlier this week, Cisco unveiled their newest router, the CRS-3.

The ultimate improvement in user experience is a direct result of the front end/browser performance. Google’s Steve Souders showed that in most cases less than 20% of the end user response time is spent getting the HTML document back. He stated: “If you magically cut the back end response time by half (which would take an incredible amount of work), you would cut 5-10% off of the end user response time. On the other hand, if you can get the front end response time by half, the end user response time can be improved by forty to fifty percent. (Emphasis mine)

With that in mind note this look at the performance of the five leading browsers. Note that while Safari (which is run on the iPhone) rates fairly well in some areas, its page load time is pedestrian at best and browser cache time is really slow. These are areas where optimization could play a big role.

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