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Importance of transaction monitoring and web site performance

The number of online transactions has multiplied significantly over the past decade with the increasing
use of dynamic pages, secure Web sites, integrated search capabilities, and multimedia content.
At the same time, transactions have become more complex. A single transaction, such as buying
a book, often involves a number of intricate sub-transactions. The customer loads a dynamically
generated Web page that is customized for his or her buying preferences, then searches the inventory,
chooses from results, adds a book to an electronic shopping cart, provides shipping and payment
information, confirms the purchase, and receives a shipping tracking number.

Organizations must take an active role in transaction monitoring the performance of all sorts of online transactions—
from making purchases to downloading forms. Yet the task of pinpointing problems has become more
challenging as transactions have increased in complexity. The web site performance and the success
of online transactions depend on a wide range of interconnected technologies.

Source: http://www.keynote.com/docs/whitepapers/MonitorOnlineTx.pdf


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