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Monitoring application performance on the web

For business needs and user demands to be met, a website needs to go through a series of tests and validations before the credentials are met. Web applications play a major role in today’s web sites as the user interface and interaction happens the most that this point. Monitoring website, its  applications and testing under different circumstances both from outside and inside the firewall would definitely help in figuring out a better performing website.

Web applications need to be tested at with different loads and at different stress levels with load testing and stress testing keeping internet speeds in mind, considering all the probable combination’s when it comes to web performance.

Web application monitoring would let us know the application’s threshold point and in managing the data sets in terms of searches from the users, be it for a single large data set or multiple requests. Browser dependencies should also be checked followed by verification and validation with the check for any new bugs with the new versions. Also a check mainly with reference to the UI perspective and security.


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