Web Monitoring

Web Site Monitoring and Performance Insights

Achieve website goals by monitoring it.

Website monitoring services are used by individuals, ecommerce companies, web hosting providers, small businesses, etc. A monitoring service is usually used to see if your web server and your web site is running smoothly and to get a downtime notification.

To get an insight on the working of the a monitoring service for a web page, the service sends out requests from locations around the world to check if your services like HTTP, SMTP, etc are accessible. The accessibility of your web pages are determined according to the response codes.

Its been said that “you cannot manage what you do not measure”. It is necessary to also know what your visitors numbers were before changing the design of your home-page, and after changing the design of your home page. Monitoring every detail along with interpreting statistics lets you improve your website  performance and achieve the goal of your website in a much better way.


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