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Web Applications from a Business Perspective

What does Web application performance mean to you? Most business executives would evaluate the success of a Web application by looking at business performance metrics such as revenue, costs, and customer satisfaction. Because an application may be created to serve customers, partners, members of an organization, or employees, the relative importance of those metrics may vary.

Application utility is tied to user behavior, which is driven by the clarity of the site, the design of the user interface, and the responsiveness of interactions between client and server components. The design and implementation of those components ultimately also determines application availability.

For any Web application, effectiveness means simply fulfilling the planned design and delivery objectives, delivering online experiences that lead to satisfied customers, and so meeting the intended business performance goals.

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Web Performance Monitoring – From Traditional to a Richer Media

Traditionally, web performance measurement efforts have focused on download times as the key metric as content was the focus for customers. As Web 2.0 applications added collaboration and social networking features, there is a supply of user generated content. To ensure the quality of user experience, there is a necessity to measure and report upload performance.

Some of the things that need to be considered separately from that of web application content are streamed audio and video. This is because the delivery infrastructure and the internet protocols it uses are different. There need to be dedicated streaming agents that can measure the customer experience for applications having streamed content as a significant component.

A growing trend for companies is to create mobile versions of web applications to support the growing hand-held device community. Due to the plat form and content differences involved, the mobile application performance testing and monitoring must be tracked and managed separately from that of web users.

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