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Mobile Testing Challenges for Web Applications

Like the Web itself, a mobile Web application is viewable by users around the world. Even if your target audience only in a single country or on a single network, it helps to understand the global dynamic.

While we test mobile web applications we encounter several challenges presented by the nature of the global, mobile Web. As we understand the nature of each challenge, we can explore different technology options to manage issues and mitigate risk.

Choosing the right solutions for your requires an assessment of the advantages and disadvantages inherent in each of the Testing Strategies and Tactics for Mobile Applications testing options available to you and determining the technology that best suits your testing requirements. These mobile testing challenges include devices, network, and scripting.

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Web Applications from a Business Perspective

What does Web application performance mean to you? Most business executives would evaluate the success of a Web application by looking at business performance metrics such as revenue, costs, and customer satisfaction. Because an application may be created to serve customers, partners, members of an organization, or employees, the relative importance of those metrics may vary.

Application utility is tied to user behavior, which is driven by the clarity of the site, the design of the user interface, and the responsiveness of interactions between client and server components. The design and implementation of those components ultimately also determines application availability.

For any Web application, effectiveness means simply fulfilling the planned design and delivery objectives, delivering online experiences that lead to satisfied customers, and so meeting the intended business performance goals.

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Monitoring application performance on the web

For business needs and user demands to be met, a website needs to go through a series of tests and validations before the credentials are met. Web applications play a major role in today’s web sites as the user interface and interaction happens the most that this point. Monitoring website, its  applications and testing under different circumstances both from outside and inside the firewall would definitely help in figuring out a better performing website.

Web applications need to be tested at with different loads and at different stress levels with load testing and stress testing keeping internet speeds in mind, considering all the probable combination’s when it comes to web performance.

Web application monitoring would let us know the application’s threshold point and in managing the data sets in terms of searches from the users, be it for a single large data set or multiple requests. Browser dependencies should also be checked followed by verification and validation with the check for any new bugs with the new versions. Also a check mainly with reference to the UI perspective and security.

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