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Keynote Releasing New KITE 6.0 – With Lot More Puwerful Features

Keynote to release the KITE 6.0 is just around the corner.  With lot more powerful features

KITE users will be thrilled to learn that KITE 6.0 will provide them some of the powerful features such as;
1. DNS Mapping,
2. Load Test Scripting and
3. IE10 support.

Those are just a few of the reasons to be excited. What’s more, current KITE users can rejoice—KITE  will auto-update within the first few launches after any release goes live.

Be sure that this feature is not disabled or you can manually check for an update at any time (see image). KITE Check Now

If you don’t yet have KITE on your desktop but want to see what all the excitement is about, download it today to instantly test website.

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Expand Availability Monitoring with Real Browser Technology

Site availability is measured by calculating the successful percentage of site tests. Failure is defined as a site test that resulted in an undesired page being displayed or no page being displayed at all.

Success is defined as correct display of all the intended page content. When a real browser is used to perform these tests, we can be confident that all content that was requested by the HTML and by any Flash, Ajax, Silverlight, or other technology was successfully downloaded.

Testing website with a real Web browser enables you to view the exact download sequence for each element on the page, whereas, imitation browsers often do not download the page elements in the same order as the user’s Web browser. The element download order helps pinpoint which content can cause the browser to ―hang,‖ since its place in the download order prevents subsequent content from downloading and thus results in an availability issue for the end user

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