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How do you plan to deliver content and services to your mobile audience in 2013?

Recently, Zend, an Israeli world wide web infrastructure software company relating to the development, deployment and management of PHP-based web application, released the results of its annual developer survey.

In this report several conclusions are made based on the developer current trend in app development. Should we build a native app, hyrid, web (HTML5), open source, etc. “The poll of 5,000 developers revealed important information about the adoption of open standards, along with key trends in DevOps, mobile development and cloud.

Due to massive takeup of smartphones, tablets and the general consumerization of IT, they say we now live in an “App Economy,” where applications have become the new face of a business to customers, employees and partners.

It appears that open standards and HTML5 are becoming the typical way to develop mobile apps, which are then, more often than not, deployed to the cloud.

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Testing On An Emulated Device OR Real Device Is The Best Option?

Depending on your application, you will have to assess whether testing on an emulated device or real device is the best option.

Many times it is not either/or decision and the best choice is both.

There are so many factors involved in both the options. Emulators offer the less expensive testing option, but they have many limitations for mobile testing and may not give an accurate depiction of the mobile user experience.

Whereas, testing on real devices gives the tester full functionality of the mobile device. While device types may be more limited than the emulated devices.

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Mobile Device Monitoring and Measurement

Mobile monitoring a real target device will clearly provide the most accurate information about end user experience which also comes with a relatively high cost.  Nevertheless, sometimes real device monitoring is the only choice. For example, the growing popularity of smartphones has led to a growing market for native applications residing on a device.

Accurate mobile testing on the functionality of native applications, monitoring performance on real mobile devices is the only solution. Companies building applications for popular smartphone platforms for Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, and others need to track what happens when their applications are  downloaded and installed on a specific smartphone and are interacting with various device components such as the operating system, touch screen, or camera.

Emulated mobile device monitoring is well suited for websites and services that are accessible by a broad range of mobile devices. These devices range from simple-feature phones to sophisticated smartphones.

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Challenges with testing mobile applications

There are some unique challenges when it comes to testing mobile applications. These challenges with mobile testing will present you with trade-offs that you need to consider and choices that you will need to mix on the different techniques and methods that you will use in testing.

There are pros and cons associated with each testing option and there will probably be no one testing option that is complete and satisfying.  So you will need to consider a testing strategy that combines different testing options that together will provide you with an overall testing result, which is a balance between cost, quality and time to market.

Similar to the web, a mobile web application can be viewed by consumers around the world. Even if the application is targeted to a limited geography, it helps us understand the global problem. We can explore different technology options to manage the challenges in different ways.

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