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Gauge your web site’s capacity and scalability

On the Open Internet, our websites are subjected to highly unpredictable load patterns. These load patterns depend on the heterogeneous and unpredictable set of users on the web. unacceptable Web site performance and availability because of excessive loads can cause serious harm to a company’s bottom line, market value and brand. For these reasons, knowing the capacity and scalability of business and mission critical Web sites is extremely important and proper load testing is the best way to acquire this knowledge.

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Performance testing, helps you get ahead!

Web site performance testing would be effective when its done at the end user level, on the web. The effect of a Web site response on concurrency and in order to get a more accurate method of simulating realistic traffic must be taken into account. Unrealistic testing leads to unrealistic inferences.

A web site needs to be tested under the most realistic conditions, based on actual Web logs (if available) and true-to-life user abandonment scenarios to determine the revenue potential of increasing capacity.

With true visibility into your end-user experience, the success of your online business is ensured.

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