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Testing.  Everyone website or apps should do it. It’s time consuming. But unfortunately, it’s needed to ensure that your consumers have a positive experience when they use your site or mobile applications. And it’s important to make sure that the experience is a great one for every consumer every time they use your site or app. If fail to do a good job of testing and your customer will end up leave your site—and unlike your testing team, your customers don’t have the tools or the time to report back problems. And keep in mind that your customers don’t want to be treated like guinea pigs.

The aim of your web load testing efforts is not to find errors. Perhaps your developer has actually done a great job and did not make any mistakes. Instead, your goal in using load testing tool should be to understand the quality of your offering. Does it work? Does it function as expected? Will it meet the needs of your users, so that they come back again and again?

Hopefully, by now understand a lot more about the challenges associated with load testing of site and web applications.
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Effective Web Load Testing for Application Performance

Web load testing lets you test and analyze software applications in determining performance, capacity and transaction handling capabilities in a real world usage condition. With the help of these tests and measurements, the web load testing tools should help pinpoint bottle necks with root cause analysis helping IT staff in better planning of computing resources.

The analysis from load tests provide guidance to the IT staff allowing them to make better decisions with respect to applications and the technology involved.  Load testing being an ongoing process, needs to be regularly scheduled in sync, throughout the lifecycle of an application.

Web application load testing should be considered as part of the overall strategy. IT Teams must include, and develop a testing approach throughout the life-cycle of the application including the development stages. Load testing is required at all critical stages of the application lifecycle, from design and development till the production stages.

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Capacity And Scalability Of Business And Mission Critical Web Sites

Knowing the capacity and scalability of business and mission critical Web sites is extremely important and proper load testing is the best way to acquire this knowledge. When web load testing is not done properly, the results are at best useless and, in the worst case, misleading, causing a company to either underestimate or overestimate a site’s capacity. This wrong result could cause unnecessary expenses, delays or potentially disastrous business decisions.

Unless you do a retinal scan on your visitors, the information you get is not going to be as accurate as you might like. However, knowing unique users is still extremely useful and necessary for load testing.

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Online Behavior Variables and Web Load Testing

Online behavior variables deal with behavioral differences between users. Some users, for example, read Web pages and navigate Web sites faster than others; we call this difference User Interaction Speed.

Interaction speed is very relevant because, in a given amount of time, a fast user is able to go through more Web pages than a slower user. This results in more requests and therefore a higher load, for the Web site under test. These variables are used in combination with other Web site Usage Signature variables to create realistic distributions.

Web load testing that does not consider these variations is simply not realistic and will generate misleading results. By combining the average viewing time with the user interaction speed variable and taking into account the user’s familiarity with the Web site, you create loads that simulate real usage much more accurately.

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