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New Media and Entertainment Web Applications

New media and entertainment applications have been joined by education, corporate and government information, business training and travel replacement in the list of factors driving streaming media’s growth.

Along with the growth, however, have come significant challenges as streaming media points out to corporations and individuals the limits of their information infrastructure.

These limits crash against the users’ demands for smooth video, clear audio, and performance levels specified and guaranteed by contract. Media providers seeking to provide consistent quality of service face a daunting array of website performance issues, caused by lack of last-mile broadband build-out to service interruptions and carrier quality of service problems.

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Real Browsers, do they really matter?

Website Performance Monitoring is a discipline for IT operations and Ecommerce business management teams that includes both operational
monitoring and end-user experience monitoring.

Operational Monitoring helps operations teams implement dependable end to-end performance monitoring for critical Web applications as a turn-key service, and is achieved with high-frequency application monitoring that detects response time and availability issues in real time.

End-user Experience Monitoring is the domain of both operations teams and performance analysts, who need to most accurately measure the performance of critical Web transactions, including those involving interactive Flash, from the true end user’s perspective. This gives full visibility into the user’s experience by providing real browser measurements of the responsiveness and availability of RIAs.

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Web performance through RIA measurement

Two main reasons for measuring the web performance of a distributed application are to determine how quickly users can achieve their goals, and to discover how a system behaves under increasing load. The first focuses directly on the users’ experience, the second investigates underlying server behaviors that, in turn, will determine what users experience.

Measurement usually focuses on the user’s experience or on the system’s behavior. Despite differences, these two classes of measurement activity share many technical problems. Measurement activities and tasks may focus on a variety of possible sub-goals.

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