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Software-as-a-Service at Last?

After years of latency, software-as-a-service is moving to center stage, swept along with the bigger concept of cloud computing. On the software side, applications like Salesforce, Workday and Freshbooks — and yes, GoogleApps — have become serious players in enterprises of all sizes.

And in the bigger cloud, services like Amazon’s EC2 Elastic Compute Cloud and IBM Smart cloud services — and yes, Google AppEngine — are changing the way IT departments approach their missions and their development tasks, enabling greater speed and flexibility than ever before.

We’ve seen this type of technology trajectory before and can recognize its course; think back to the Web itself, to early social networking, to the still-snowballing mobile data market.

The dominant SaaS providers are still rising to the top; economics, standards and best practices are being sorted out; business models are being built and business cases made. The difference is that these sweeping technological changes keep happening faster and faster.

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