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Keynote Releasing New KITE 6.0 – With Lot More Puwerful Features

Keynote to release the KITE 6.0 is just around the corner.  With lot more powerful features

KITE users will be thrilled to learn that KITE 6.0 will provide them some of the powerful features such as;
1. DNS Mapping,
2. Load Test Scripting and
3. IE10 support.

Those are just a few of the reasons to be excited. What’s more, current KITE users can rejoice—KITE  will auto-update within the first few launches after any release goes live.

Be sure that this feature is not disabled or you can manually check for an update at any time (see image). KITE Check Now

If you don’t yet have KITE on your desktop but want to see what all the excitement is about, download it today to instantly test website.

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Web Performance Monitoring Just Got More Better

Testing on Emulated Devices vs. Real Devices


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Web Performance Monitoring Just Got More Intelligent

Recently, Keynote released an exciting new product Keynote Real User Perspective. This newest member in the Perspective family of monitoring services delivers actionable insight into the performance of Web and mobile sites based on the experience of real users.

Real User Perspective is special in 3 ways:

1. Lightweight SaaS
2. Start-to-end Real User Journeys
3. Integrated with Synthetic

Keynote now offers the most comprehensive offering for end user experience monitoring delivered as a service. It culminates a tremendous amount of development, infrastructure orchestration, and feedback from the scores of customers who participated in our product advisory and beta programs. Customers can now complement active, clean-room, synthetic monitoring with passive, real user monitoring that aligns to business outcomes—a marriage made in heaven! We think that’s more intelligent web performance monitoring.

You can request for a free trial now!

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A Smartphone Wake-Up Call For Business

We are seeing a lot of companies having that ‘a-ha’ moment, or in many cases more of an ‘uh-oh’ moment,”
says Rachel Obstler, senior director of product management for Keynote DeviceAnywhere. “This is the moment
when they see the numbers and suddenly realize that their mobile site is as important or even more important than
their desktop site. And they have to figure out how to support it with the same care and quality.
They may be having mobile testing epiphanies now, but companies have been slow to reach that point and are
scrambling to catch up. World Quality Report stats indicate that just 31 percent of companies test their mobile applications.
Among the reasons that number is so low is that nearly two-thirds report they don’t have the proper tools for testing,
and over half do not have access to appropriate devices to test. These are not challenges that companies can easily solve internally.
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