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Accurate Mobile Device Emulation Moves Towards a More Standards-based Approach

Clearly a big focus these days is understanding how to deliver the optimum performance of a mobile website and how customers are truly experiencing it over a wide range of smartphones and networks. The development and testing phases of a mobile site’s lifecycle require the use of emulated and real devices to assure excellent user experience. And when you move to monitoring a mobile site in production, device emulation can be a good, cost-efficient approach.

Emulated device monitoring solutions offer the most detailed, network-level view of how well a site is working on real wireless carrier connections, but to download content accurately with an emulated device you’ll need more than just a simple user agent string.

In fact what we are seeing is a rallying around some key standards so, herewith, a primer on how to monitor mobile the right way taking advantage of the latest and greatest standards.

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