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Web has become a major front in this decade’s business wars, and even the most traditional companies must often battle competitors online. E-businesses are investing heavily in the technology required to provide new functionality and services that will attract today’s Internet savvy customers.

At the same time, companies want to control IT costs and maximize return on investment.

Hence, they are also investing in service level management(SLM), a set of monitoring and managing activities that ensures customers consistently have the best possible online experience and that minimizes the costs required to sustain that experience. Of course, one element of SLM is internal monitoring of hardware and applications. But more and more companies now also acknowledge the need to monitor web site performance from an end-user perspective. One way to do this is with owner-operated software designed to access a Web site from beyond the firewall and take measurements that reflect a customer’s experience.

This paper discusses the deficiencies of the owner-operated software approach, and argues that the best way overcome these deficiencies is by means of neutral, third-party performance monitoring. Specifically, neutral, third-party services-based performance monitoring.

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Velocity 2013 – Building a Faster, Stronger Web

With 17k members across 46 meetup groups the web performance community is growing fast. It’s easy to find someone who cares about performance. But what if your company is new to the world of high performance websites? How can you make performance a priority within your organization? Then Velocity 2013 is should be good head start for you.

“Your job is to keep it all running: the Web, the Cloud, mobile apps, data flow and storage, and all the technologies that hold it all together. The technologies you use—and the ways you use them—are increasingly complex and changing at an intensely rapid pace. And expectations are growing right along with the technology: no excuses allowed. In other words, the failure of your site, infrastructure, or apps is not an option.

This is why the best minds in web operations and performance come to Velocity each year. The days are packed with the knowledge and information you find essential to getting your job done. It’s the only conference that focuses on the core aspects of building a faster and stronger web. At Velocity you’ll learn from peers, exchange ideas with experts, and share what has worked (and equally importantly, what has not worked) in real-world applications.” – Velocity 2013


  • Key aspects of web performance, operations, and mobile performance
  • Inspiring keynotes, hands-on tutorials, and a broad multi-track program of sessions
  • Experts, visionaries, industry leaders together with hundreds of web developers.
  • Latest tools and products
  • Plenty of networking opportunities

Important Dates

  • Early Registration Ends May 1, 2013
  • Standard Registration Ends June 18, 2013

About Sponsors:

Premier Diamond Sponsor: Keynote Systems – Global Leader in Website Monitoring 

Diamond Sponsors: Google and Neustar

Platinum Sponsors: Akamai and plenty of others

View the agenda http://velocityconf.com/velocity2013/public/schedule/presentations

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